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Step 3 : Layering the Pavers

The following information should be used as a guide as you prepare to install interlocking pavers yourself.

Step 2: BASE

layering the paversOnce the model of the paver and the laying pattern have been selected, place the first pavers at a 90 degree angle. On inclined surfaces, it is better to begin installing pavers at the bottom of the slope. The use of a line or square will make it easier to align the pavers.

For a more finished appearance, it is suggested that pavers be drawn from more than one different cube at the same time; this will provide uniformity of texture and harmony of color. Use a saw or a paver splitter to cut pavers to the desired shapes and sizes, when necessary.

installation guide 4When all the pavers have been laid, using a vibrating plate compactor, make two passes over the surface in opposite directions to stabilize and level the surface. This will cause the pavers to settle approximately 3/8” into the sand base.

Spread dry concrete sand over the surface and sweep it back and forth in all directions to work it into the joints. Use the compactor to force the sand into the joints between pavers; if necessary, repeat this procedure.

Step 4 : Determining the Amount of Materials

Granular Base
2200 pounds of 0 - 3/4” crushed stone spread to a thickness of 4” will cover an area of 54 sq.ft.

Leveling Base
2200 pounds of concrete sand spread to a thickness of 1” will cover an area of 215 sq.ft.

Joint Filling
Filling the joints between 2-3/8” thick pavers will require 70 pounds of concrete sand for every 100 sq.ft.
of paved surface.

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