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“Do-It-Yourself” Paver Installation Guide

The following information should be used as a guide as you prepare to install interlocking pavers yourself.

Step 2: BASE

Some Notes before you begin...
Before beginning your project, it is recommended that you mark off the area to be landscaped. That way, you will be able to determine the amount of granular materials to be removed, the amount of fill required and the number of pavers needed to cover the area.

Before excavating the site, do not hesitate to contact any public utility companies if there is any doubt as to the presence of underground wiring or pipes.

installationIf you are replacing a layer of asphalt that has deteriorated over time, with no major depressions, it is not necessary to reconstruct a deep granular base before installing concrete pavers. Simply level and compact the surface base and add the leveling bed as shown in the diagram on left.


Tools Required:
• 1 broom • 1 chalk line • 1 1”x 6”x 8” plank
• 1 wheel barrel • 1 shovel • 1 level • 1 vibrating plate
• 1 50’ bricklayer's line • 1 measuring tape • 1 rake • 1 plumb line
• 1 guillotine or concrete saw • 2 rigid pipes with diameter of 1”x10’ • a few pegs
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